viernes, diciembre 02, 2005

Any given Sunday

Any given Sunday
Spring Sunday in the yard
A perfect well braissed piece of striploin
A magnificent pair of pork chops
And some good, real good beer

Any sunnny warm Sunday
Nice and intelligent chat
Spiced with booze,
maybe a little grass
Happy together

Any Nice warm spring Sunday
you dont need sports
you have your family
You have your good and smart friends
All together now

Any Nice warm spring Sunday afternoon
the shadow overcomes

You will never see Monday

As by the raven was said

Elber Gazzinari´s Greatest & Unpublished Hits (1975)

PD: A pesar de su excelsa escritura, Elber no dominaba el inglé. Sepan disculpar las erratas. No quisimos corregir por respeto al autor

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