lunes, marzo 06, 2006

Propuesta a estudiar

Dear El-Warren.
My name is Diane Lane, and perhaps you´ve seen me in various movies.
Last week I was having breakfast in the Plaza Hotel (New York) with a very funny old lady. Surprisingly she was your mother.
She told me about your potential and the problems and concerns that you are dealing with.
I had red all the posts that are in your blog, and - let me tell you - my impression was great. Your intelligence and commitment with the people and the inequieties are things that are seldom found
in this times.

My swedish friend Lena
Knowing that you have to be in in Siena this summer, and in order that you will be able to fight in the best conditions and whithout other worries, I am inviting you to my ranch in Kentucky where I raise Thoroughbred horses, to spend spring, before your travel to Italy

The young Jennifer

Apart from me it is also very possible that Lena Olin and Jennifer Garner would join us there.

I am sending pictures of ours, just in case you don´t remember us.
I Expect that this proposition would be good enough for you.
Waiting your answer ASAP,
Yous truly

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Eveline Friedlander dijo...

Congratulations, El.
You certainly deserve all the love and care you can get. At last, there seems to be women that truly appreciate you.
I wish you my very best.
Eveline Friedlander

Miss. MacCall dijo...

Dear Mr.El:

I have heard with great pleasure that you may be coming to Europe in the near future.

My sister Phoebe and I are hosting a reception on May 11th, 2006, in our family castle in Gleneagles.

We will bbe most honoured if you can join us. According to our information sources in the New World, we may have some unfinished family business that need to be dealt with at your earliest convenience.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Miss S. MacCall

Charlotte Bunch dijo...

Dear Mr. Warren,

On Womens' Day, I take advantage of this milestone that reminds all of us that thenew millennium belong to women.

In sisterhood and empowerment,

Charlotte Bunch

Tía Zulma Garracino dijo...


Vi en CNN que comenzaste una nueva vida en Holywood. Me parece espléndido. Espero que mis primas las McCall se hayan comunicado contigo, pero por las dudas, no dejes de ir a la recepción en su castelletto. El ambiente es muy RSVP, como debe ser.
Parece que llegó la hora.
Tía Z.

el-warren dijo...

Eveline and Charlotte Thanks for your comments.

Miss Mc Call. I will be very glad to visit you at Gleanagles. It has been told me that it is a beautiful place.
I will be there

Tía. La verdad es que no sé que hacer. Lo de Hollywood no es lo mío. Yo soy más de la esquina, del café. Tendré que aprender glamour.
Esto probablemente me inhiba de escribir por un tiempo.
Cualquier cosa le aviso por el ganso pegajoso